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new designer Janae King
with TEN new patterns!



Bella Nonna
Contemporary and Traditional Patterns for Piecing and Appliqué

Boondoggle Ruler
Includes Patterns
General Patterns Rose Petal Patterns Rose Petals Fabric Foiling
Wall, Quilt, Accessory Use with or w/o Petals Fun and Washable! Washable & Permanent


General Patterns

Pocket Full of Rulers Fold-over Purse Boutique Shoulder Bag Happy Bags
BEL156 BEL176 BEL159 BEL120
21" x 26" 16" h x 11.5" wide when open 2 sizes: 12"x17" & 10"x13 2 Sizes
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image


Three Fun Bags Bella Hearts Parkbench Posies Do the Twist
BEL150 BEL102 BEL109 BEL111
Purse Organizer - Shirr Pleasure -- Charm Me 42" x 42" 30" x 50" Wall, Lap, Crib
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image



Crazy Enough Tilt-a-Square Java and Cinnamon Happy Bags
BEL139 BEL101 BEL116 BEL120
62" x 89" 42"x52" 25"x38" 2 Sizes
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image




Magic Carpet Marvelous Maude Jazzin' It Up The Boulevard
BEL125 BEL133 BEL134 BEL144
48"x48" 16"x23" 35"x51" 47"x61"
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image




Spring Fling Clown'n Around Boardwalk Apple Pandowdy
BEL146 BEL149 BEL148 BEL124
3 Sizes Wall 60"x80" 26"x30"
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image

36" x 39"      
Large Image      


Rose Petal Patterns





Megan's Mums Colorful Cosmos Nonna's Hydrangeas Hydrangea Tapestry
BEL151 BEL153 BEL127 BEL130
26" x 36" 27" x 31" 19"x21" 23"x23"
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image




Tantalizing Topiary Geraniums at my Window Della Robbia Rhodies A'Bloom
BEL135 BEL137 BEL142 BEL143
26"x44" 36"x42" 33"x33" 35"x35"
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image

Rosewood Lane    
 Approx.. 32"x36"    
Large Image    


Rose Petals

Each bag of petals is approximately 1 oz. and one bag will complete any one of our "petal quilts". These petals are washable (we recommend hand washing), do not lose their shape and are fun and easy to work with!

They can be attached by using a strong fusible web, using fabric glue, or stitching them on by hand or machine.




Red Petals Woodrose Petals Pink Petals Tapestry Mix Petals
BEL350 BEL351 BEL352 BEL353
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image
Blue Petals Purple Petals Cranberry Petals Cream-Green Petals
BEL354 BEL355 BEL356 BEL357
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image
Fuchsia Petals Yellow Petals Teal Petals
BEL358 BEL359 BEL360
Large Image Large Image Large Image


Fabric Foil

Add glamour to your fabric projects with this Fun, Easy, Washable and Permanent process.

Each Package Contains:

  • Sheets of Foil
  • Fabric Adhesive
  • Steam-A-Seam2 fusible web
  • Instructions and Designs
Foil Assortment Kit Gold Foil Kit Copper Foil Kit Silver Foil Kit
1 sheet each:
Silver, Gold, Copper, and Rainbow swirl
5 sheets 5 sheets 5 sheets
BEL480 BEL481 BEL482 BEL483

Boondoggle Ruler and Patterns

Boondoggle Ruler - Just the Ruler

"Original" -- Boondoggle Ruler and 2 Patterns
  (Crazy and Trendy)
BEL400 BEL403
Three 4-Patch Boondoggle (Elegance, Gypsy and Charisma) Fussy-Cut Boondoggle
(Cattitudes, Zip It Up and Zebras on Parade)
BEL404 BEL408
Boondoggle Ruler and Patterns:  Whimsy, Fanfare, and Waves Table Runner Baby Boondoggle Starter Kit and Ruler
BEL415 BEL451
Boondoggle Aprons (pattern only) Baby Boondoggle Starter Kit and Ruler
BEL418 BEL451



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