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Stores - if you cannot find the information you need, please email us at or call at 503/428-3035 (please no retail/consumer calls)

Wholesale Price List 
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Order Form - Wholesale Accounts Only

You must have a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT before placing an order.

Thank you for your interest in the pattern lines that we distribute.  If you are a consumer or home quilter/artist, please ask your local store to contact us about any pattern you are interested in, as we are a wholesale supplier only.  Any information they need can be found on this page and on the New Accounts Page.

Submit the two completed forms:   New Account Information and Certificate of Exemption
by fax (503-584-4002)  or  scanned and attached to an email (

Please do not submit your order until we have set up your account and notified you (usually within 24 hours):

Upon approval of your submitted forms, we will email the NEW WHOLESALE ACCOUNT packet to you, which includes ordering information (Username & Password for placing your opening order online with credit card), minimum order quantity (12 items in any combination), and other important information.

Please read our Terms and Conditions. (further contact information is here)

Email Updates: Quilt stores - If you would like to be notified of new patterns or other related information (sales, etc.) please fill out this form. We do not share or sell our email list - and you would only receive an email approximately 1-2x per month - or less - only if we need to tell you something :-)



Wholesale Price List (Password Required)

Quilt Stores::  To obtain a password for the Wholesale Price List, you must first open a wholesale account.  It's fast and easy!  Simply click on  the following link: Wholesale Information  and follow the instructions.  An email will be sent with your password and account info.

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